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Argh! OK!, Don't Shout!

We are not insinuating you're old! In fact, in UK Education terms a Mature Student is just anyone who is over 21 and still breathing.

So if you have left school (or may even still be in college or university), middle-aged or even retired then you probably qualify as a mature student.

What difference does this make to the Digital Storytellers Academy?

Actually, not much.

When we put together DSA, we realised that the everyday educational opportunities for adults in the creative media subjects was quite lacking - that is, unless you want to sign up to short term and often very expensive courses, or long-term education that can be very restrictive on the life of a grown adult.

With DSA, you get the opportunity to join an education club whose nature is very common for children but missing for anyone who still has an interest in realising their dream of comedy, drama, music videos or documentary on the screen, in whatever creative role that you have a hankering for - be it behind the camera, working on the set, slaving over the keys of a word-processor, performing in front of the lens or a combination of them all.

It does not matter if you are looking at doing something original, or bringing your fan-fiction from established genres to life.

We give you the ability to learn skills in production, gain experience with equipment, and network with other like minded creatives to put together a cast and crew.

Not only that, when you get your dream to a certain level of professionalism, we also give you a way to get your production seen at festivals, on the big screen and promoted on line.

A summary of some of the skills that you will learn at a DSA Studio includes:

Core Modules

Optional Modules