The Digital Storytellers Academy is structured into a set of modules - there are the core Digital Storyteller modules, which everybody takes in the first three hours, then there is the optional final hour.

The 1st two modules are compulsory for all students so that they can participate in all of the other core modules - it is in these two modules that students gain their very basic certifications allowing them to use equipment and behave correctly on set.

Studio Etiquette

Don't worry - this one is not as boring as it sounds and does not last very long!

Working around film making equipment needs a student to be careful - not only for their own safety and for the safety of others, but because most equipment in use in film making is very expensive.

The Studio Etiquette modules takes us through the Health and Safety aspects of working on a film set or location, but then also covers the do's and dont's that would be expected in the industry, including the famous 'Quiet On Set!'.

Foundation Filmmaking

As the first film making module, this one provides you with a number of certifications in using the basic Studio equipment, including our HandyCam cameras. These cameras a very basic in comparison to some of the equipment you will use at DSA, but are also more than capable of producing high quality HD films.

Foundation Filmmaking will introduce you to all of the jobs on a film set, give you experience in actually doing them, and eventually resulting in you producing a short film for your module project.

Core Modules

Optional Modules